Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wednesday Portrait Session 1

I've started attending a drawing group that meets Wednesdays, and yesterday we started a 6-week pose. This is the first stage of the drawing I'll be developing over the next 6 weeks. I spent the first session with the techniques I learned at Juliette's workshop last week: concentrating on angles and proportions to make an accurate armature for the drawing. It's not there yet, but I'll be working on it for at least another session or two before I start the "fun part" - adding values. I'll be posting my progress weekly.

As for the rest of my art progress.... plans for the studio are moving along. I have found a contractor to build my art shed and building should start next week. I'm hoping to move in by the end of April.

In the meantime, I am setting up a temporary studio in our as-yet-unfurnished dining room. But the light is all wrong and it's not a very inspiring space, and I'm still surrounded by boxes. So I'm having a hard time breaking it in.