Monday, July 30, 2007

Silver Pitcher with Apricots

11 x 14 inches, oil on panel

I decided to try a longer painting, so I have been working on this one for about a week now. Working over dry or semi-dry paint has different challenges than working wet-on-wet in a single session. It was nice to have the time to refine things a bit more, but I found a whole new set of things I need to learn.

Luckily I am about to begin a marathon of painting workshops. Tomorrow I start a 2-week figure painting workshop with Dan Thompson at BACAA. Later in August I'll be taking a two-week still-life painting workshop with Juliette Aristides, up at Gage Academy in Seattle. I'm really excited about everything I will be learning this month from these two amazing artists.

Here are the process shots taken over the last week:

(Yes, that's me reflected in the middle, with my white painting apron on.)