Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wrapped Pitcher: FINAL - SOLD

6 x 8 inches, oil on panel (SOLD)

It was really nice to focus on a small painting! Had a lot of fun with this, did it in about 8 half-day sessions in under 2 weeks. I didn't include a shot of every day of work... the last few days the changes are important, but are barely visible in a photograph.

Here are the stages:

Transparent paint, no white, pencil drawing still visible.

Opaque painting stage 1
Blocked in the major values with opaque paint -still thin, using underpainting medium.

Overpainting stage 2
The whole panel has at least one layer of overpainting, and I'm starting to refine the details in the upper right edge of wax paper. Using real medium now.

Overpainting stage 3
I decided all my shadows within the wax paper were too dark, so I lightened all the wax paper.


Went back into the wax paper and refined all the details. I wanted to get an accurately wide spread of values within the wax paper but also show that the overall range of values in the wax paper is very light. Finding the steps between the brightest highlights and the next step down is always the hardest. Making the darks distinct from the lights, but not too dark, is always hard, too.

This painting and all others listed under "available work" are for sale. Please email me for a price list.

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