Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hudson Fellowship Day 22

Kaaterskill Lower Falls Value Sketch
(work in progress)
9 x 12 inches
oil on linen

This is the same basic composition I did a couple days ago in color. I decided I need to do a detailed value sketch if I am going to flesh this out into a larger, finished painting. I started with an "open grisaille" yesterday using burnt umber and turpentine (called "open" because the white canvas shows through). Today I started to refine it as a "closed grisaille", using white paint, burnt umber, and ultramarine (called "closed" because when it's done the canvas will be covered with paint).

Pool Study (work in progress)
6 x 8 inches
oil on linen

I also started a color study close-up of the pool of water at the bottom of my composition. This is still really unrefined, I wanted to take it further today but I'm using a new type of canvas panel and the wet paint does not stick well when I try to add more layers. I'll be able to take it further another day once the paint has set up a bit.

We're starting to wind down to the end here, just a few more days of study here in the Catskills before we all go back to our respective studios. The last day of the Fellowship is this Sunday, August 2; I can't believe it's going by so fast!