Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Caroline's Profile -- Preliminary Drawing

Charcoal on paper, approx 18 x 24

Last Wednesday I started a portrait of this model (see the block-in session here), but when I arrived for the second session today I was not excited about the light and decided to change position.

It was fun to try a profile with the classical block-in method I have been practicing, and I found the drawing went very quickly and I jumped into the shading within the 4-hour session. This is supposed to be a 6-session pose, so going this far this fast wasn't really the plan, but I had fun.

Looking at it now, I may have gotten the forehead too short and therefore the top of her head too low. But I had fun capturing the drama of the light from the dark side of the model.

Painting News
Drawing to me is a joy, but painting makes me tear my hair out. I wiped away the yellow daisy painting completely a couple days ago out of frustration (apologies to my two young cousins, Kailey & Julia, I know you liked that one!). But I'll try again to save it.

Workshop News
I am thrilled to be attending two amazing workshops this summer and an intensive Master Residency Program this fall: Figure Painting with Dan Thompson, Still Life Painting with Juliette Aristides and Figure Drawing with Ted Seth Jacobs. I feel very fortunate to be training with such amazing artists.

Art Studio News
My little art shed is slowly taking shape! Here's a picture. you can see the three holes for the skylights.