Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Day 2 - Seashell on Gold SOLD

10" x 10" Oil and mixed media on panel

For the background, I collaged gold leaf and paper onto the wood panel support. The paper was wrapping for Buddhist burning papers I got in Chinatown last week: a soft, nubbly paper that has a wonderfully satisfying way of soaking up the brown finish so the gold leaf over it just glows.

Then I painted the seashell on top in oils. The white pearlescent seashell contrasts nicely with the warm reflective foil. In some places I rubbed the oil paint quite thin, so the foil shows though in some of the warm midtones.

Also: I signed up for a new online gallery just now, one that's been getting a lot of attention. Check out my portfolio on Saatchi Gallery.