Thursday, October 19, 2006

Day 4 - Egg Alter SOLD

Ok, I really bit off more than I can chew today, putting this many elements in the painting. I'm considering this one to be a "study", because there's so much more I need to do to it, although it took more time than any of the others so far. I only stopped because I lost the daylight, could have easily spent twice as much time on it. Or more.

The background is again actual gold foil, but the two pieces of masking tape and the gold burning-paper are all painted (as well as, of course, the egg, cup and stand). To really work it needs to be hyper-realistic trompe l'eoil with nifty glazing, but no time for that in one day!

I'm seeing it big in my mind, so maybe one day I'll do a nice big one like this.